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Kate 1) openly lusted after high school boys in a SOPHOMORE lacrosse game and 2) is extremely heavily implied to have raped Derek when he was fifteen/sixteen, immediately before murdering his family. I say raped because she is an adult and he is a child. This makes her a pedophile on top of being a mass murderer! Pedophiles are rapists because children are inherently incapable of consent! Okay, thanks for reading!

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I've seen you publish posts involving rape, pedophilia and similar triggering topics without tagging them with trigger words. It'd be really cool if you could tag stuff like that for victims who have survived things like this.


sorry doll. thought i caught them. tagging as “tw: <whatever>”.

xo, nougat

People usually prefer to have it set up as “[trigger] tw” or “[trigger] cw” because some people’s blacklisting systems won’t catch them the other way around! It might be easier to switch to one of those formats

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For the wonderful Charlie

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but i came and i was nothing
and time will give us nothing
so why did you choose to lean 
on a man you knew was falling?

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Stiles is literally only there because he’s the only person Derek knows who came up with a system for differentiating between hallucinations and reality. If they could afford the Inception cast then he’d probably just dream about Leonardo DiCaprio reminding him of the goddamn totems, like, Jesus

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» Derek wasn’t dreaming.


Derek was not dreaming. Derek was so terrified in that moment that his brain temporarily shut down. His subconscious supplied Stiles to confide in and help him sort everything out, before his brain came back online and he could attempt to face what he knew to be true. That the woman who took advantage of him, abused him, tortured him, and killed most of his family was back. 

Now let that settle.